Tobias Wallin

UX-Designer & Developer


A cosy puzzle game I'm developing with my sister. It tackles questions about existence and the universe in a beautiful surreal world.

I'm doing the programming (Unity/C#), music and sound effects, whilst my sister is responsible for illustration and animation.

Pinecone CSS

An opinionated SCSS library I've been working on for many years to be the perfect aid in creating good user interfaces without the SCSS code deteriorating over time.

The Library is however intentionally kept very small and can be seen as the opposite of big gerneralistic frameworks like Bootstrap.

While not a public release, it's used with success at Valitive, Storykit and Binogi. It's created based on my design ideas, and built to make life as easy as possible for developers.

Stackmyrans Liv

The Red wood ant is a species we know all too well here in Sweden.
Or do we?

Stackmyrans Liv is a documentary about the fascinating life and social structures of this iconic Taiga species.