Tobias Wallin

UX-Designer & Developer

I turn ideas into
apps and websites

  • UX design & research
  • Graphic design
  • Frontend development
  • Web design & development
  • Design process & management


With two decades in the field, my experience spans UX design, web design, development,
and project management.

I have a deep understanding of both UX and development. This combination gives me a unique perspective on aligning usability needs with technical needs, which helps me create designs that are both easily extendable and maintainable.

My core strength is simplifying complex ideas so they become easy to discuss and understand. This both helps me create great user interfaces, and aids organizations unifying their vision amongst stakeholders.

In summary, I turn ideas into apps or websites.


  • UI design and prototyping
  • Project Management
  • Defining design guidelines
  • Visual design
  • Data visualisation
  • User research
  • User testing
  • Design studios
  • Illustration


  • JavaScript/TypeScript
  • C#
  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • SQL


  • Angular & AngularJS
  • Unity
  • Mootools
  • React
  • Ember
  • JQuery
  • Firebase


  • Music creation
  • Photography
  • Videography

Work History


Undra • Game designer, developer, composer

In collaboration with my sister, I'm working on "Undra" - a cozy, artistic puzzle game that explores philosophical themes. I do the programming and music, while my sister handles illustration and animation.


Valitive • UX-designer

A tool for creating target audiences. Used by authorities and companies all over Sweden. My job was to do a complete redesign of their app called "iCatch".

I designed and built a high-fidelity prototype. This gave stakeholders a way to use the interface whilst it was being designed, something which helps tremendously with unifying the vision of both UX and functionality. It later served as the core specification for the developer building the real aplication.


Storykit • UX-lead

Originally a tool for generating videos from "Storyboards", which are similar to PowerPoint documents. During my time we also built their newest product: the "Script Editor", which enables users to generate such a video from a written story instead.

During my time at Storykit I:

  • Redesigned and implemented an new design for their "Crate"-app, in which users organise their content and settings.
  • Designed and led the frontend-implementation for their new "Script Editor"-app, where an AI backend generated a video from the text written by the user
  • Redesigned and let the frontend-implementation of their new "Asset Browser", a feature-rich asset management component used in all of their apps.
  • Created a prototype for a substansial revision of the "Storyboard Editor"-app.
  • Oversaw UX and design-related frontend development for all of their apps.

Formulate • UX-designer

A SaaS which employs machine learning to help retailers optimize their promotion strategies.

Helped them briefly with their app’s UX whilst they searched for a UX-designer to employ. I mostly worked with improving their navigation and filtration system.


Binogi • UX-designer & Frontend developer

I initially came back to help them with some development briefly, but ended up staying longer to help them with design, user research and setting up a better design process.

I also built a modular website system using Statamic where they can easily set up any number of easily managable websites.


Wifog • UX-designer & Frontend developer

Mobile operator aimed at creating budget-friendly phone plans. I joined to help them realize a new idea of creating a cashback-button similar to, but where the cashback earnings would go to charity. I built them a Chrome/Firefox plugin with a belonging web portal in (new) Angular.


Binogi • UX-designer & Frontend developer

E-learning platform directed at kids aged 12-15 (Högstadiet).

I built and designed everything in AngularJS with the new component-based architecture, which would later be standard in Angular2. I have built and designed most of the frontend, including their video player and a teacher focused portal.

I have also helped them with user research and led design workshops to connect stakeholders, designer and developers in regards to what we’re building and why.


Attainr • Founder, Developer, Designer

A time-tracking tool aimed at helping people focus their time on meaningful activities.

After using spreadsheets to track my own time, I wanted to create an app with a simple and inviting UI. I have built and designed everything myself. It initally got a decent amount of spread and users and is till operational and used by some people, including myself.


Tretti • UX-designer & Frontend developer

I designed and built the frontend of their new e-commerce site.

The first A/B-test showed an increase in sales. Unfortunately, by the time we were finished, Tretti got acquaried by Danish Whiteaway. They then proceeded to dismantle Tretti’s entire technology platform, including the new website in order to move everything to their own tech stack.


Funnel • Design-lead

A Facebook ad creation tool. Now pivoted to data aggregation.

I initially joined Funnel (then called Qwaya) to help them with their website when the company was just a small project founded by the Keybroker agency. I eventually started working more with app UI and eventually joined as the design-lead to manage the UX work.

I had the pleasure to be mentored by a senior UX-consultant in User Research as well as spending a week studying UX in Nielsen Norman conference in London during this time.

I also did a fair bit of development, mostly focused on UI and CSS architecture.


Adorna • Founder, Developer, Designer

E-commerce portal for crafts & art.

I initially started Adorna to help my sister sell her art. It quickly became a bigger project to allow all artsy Swedes to sell their creations. I recruited a team (of mostly friends) to build an e-commerce platform where anyone could easily set up a store with integrated credit card payment. All income would go via us and we would take a small percentage. While the platform was used by hundreds of crafty people for a while, in the end we discontinued the project as Etsy was establishing itself in Sweden.


TuneRights • CTO

Startup aimed at funding musicians by allowing fans to buy stakes in their future revenue streams.

I joined this project early on as the tech person. I built a prototype of the concept and later took the role as CTO, leading the development of the final platform with a team of developers we secured as investment from Dynabyte.


Cycle Framework • Frontend and UI/Design

A framework designed to be the base point in developing information management systems. We built a CMS, E-commerce, campaign site generator and a talent scout system on top of it. The two latter were tailored to specific clients whilst the CMS/E- commerce system was used for multiple websites.

I designed and built the frontend and my brother built the backend.


Designer and Web-developer • Freelancer

In my earliest work days, I mostly helped smaller business create their websites. It could either be purely informative sites, which needed a CMS, or a shop that wanted to sell online. Besides doing a lot of design work, I often worked with either building information management systems or working with existing open sources alternatives.

2002-2005 • Co-founder, Designer

A web community/hangout, sort of like Lunarstorm and all the other communities present in this era of the Internet. It had the usual stuff, such as forum, guestbook, private message and a pretty popular chat. At its peak, it had about 300 active users.

Still in Gymnasium, I built this together with my friend and brother. I mostly worked on the design, HTML and CSS. But also some some development in PHP/JavaScript.